Delta Airlines Honors Veterans With A Dynamic Website


Delta Air Lines Employee Plays TapsDelta Air Lines is one of many corporations that honors veterans in a special way. Delta spotlights their commitment to Veterans and also active military through a dynamic website called Delta Honors Veterans. 

Delta also shared insights into their commitment to hiring veterans and active military. The following are excerpts from their site:

Delta Air Lines is committed to supporting its more than 10,000 employee veterans and active personnel as the airline continues to implement hiring strategies to attract veterans.

Glen Johnson, Director–Talent Acquisition and Rhonda Knight–Senior Recruiter, have highlighted Delta’s company-wide initiatives for hiring veterans and the reasons behind the airline’s hiring goals.

What is Delta’s strategy for hiring veterans?

Delta is committed to hiring veterans and we monitor our results on a quarterly basis to ensure we are meeting our goals and holding ourselves accountable. We train and educate our recruiters on the skills and qualifications veterans bring to the table. From a strategy standpoint, we market ourselves through a variety of channels to find veterans – we want to make sure we give veterans every opportunity to compete for positions here at Delta.

Veteran self-disclosure is a critical action to support our overall hiring strategy. Veterans should see their status as a positive. If a veteran self-discloses in the application process, our systems can recognize them as such and apply the level of priority consideration that comes only behind our employees and employee referrals. Consider it like a fast pass at Disney – they are able to move to the front of the line, which is an effective way to help veterans compete for the job. This is simply another confirmation of Delta’s commitment to hiring veterans.


Why was it important for Delta to become involved veterans’ programs, such as the 100,000 Jobs Mission?

Delta was an early adopter of the 100,000 Jobs Mission and has been heavily involved in the coalition. The 100K Jobs Mission was an opportunity for us to participate in something larger than ourselves. While Delta has other partnerships, we saw this as a noble mission and felt like it could gain some traction – and it has exceeded those expectations.

There are numerous hiring organizations out there, but the difference with them is pure intent versus profit. The 100K Jobs Mission is clearly an organization founded on pure intent to help veterans and their families find jobs and successfully transition to civilian life. As of Sept. 30, 2014, the coalition has hired more than 190,000 veterans since 2011, exceeding their original seven year goal of 100,000 veteran hires. With the help of a growing group of companies, the organization has now lifted the bar and raised its initial target to 200,000 hires by 2020. The goal appears to be poised for an early achievement, too.

What are some of Delta’s other corporate initiatives that support veterans?

In addition to our 100K Jobs partnership, Delta has a number of partnerships in place to support our veteran recruitment efforts. Delta partners with the US Chamber of Commerce and DoD-sponsored “Hiring for Heroes” events at bases throughout the south and northeast as well as on-base transition centers. We also attend military bases and transitioning military job fairs, along with attending and sponsoring military conferences. As an example, earlier this year Delta was able to participate in the Fort Campbell Veterans Jobs Summit and Career Forum, which was hosted by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden, at Fort Campbell, Ky. This was a great event as our own Chris Collins, V.P.-Global HR Services, was able to participate in an executive panel and increase awareness for Delta’s hiring commitment. As we continue to participate in events across the nation, we hope to reach a broader audience and educate veterans on the benefits of our job opportunities here at Delta.

How does hiring veterans support Delta’s goals?

The core values expressed in our Rules of the Road here at Delta translate seamlessly to military veterans. Honesty, integrity, respect, perseverance and servant leadership align closely to the embedded values that are reinforced in our military branches. There’s a saying used by officers in the US Marine Corps that states “officers eat last.” That saying is a true reflection of how Delta would define servant leadership – putting other’s needs, goals, aspirations and efforts before your own

As a company, why is it important for Delta to support veterans?

Simply put, it’s the right thing to do. Veterans have exceptional training and are highly skilled. With 250,000 service members exiting the military each year, it only makes sense that we tap into this ongoing source of highly-trained people. Currently, we employ more than 10,000 veterans and more than half of our current pilots are veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces. These numbers are growing and now as part of the 100K Jobs Mission along with our total effort, we are on track to hire between 800 and 1,000 veterans per year.

Can you explain the importance of the veterans section on Delta’s career website?

The veterans section on Delta’s career website affirms Delta’s commitment to military hiring and talks about our partnership with the 100K Jobs Mission program. In addition, there are employee testimonials, a guide to upcoming military recruitment events and a link to our current open positions – but this is just the beginning. On the horizons is a Military Skills Translator; which will assist veterans with matching their military skills to our open positions. The cool thing about our veteran’s page is how we highlight employees from across the system in a variety of positions. We are truly a veteran-friendly company and we want people to know that – having 10,000 out of 80,000 employees is a pretty significant percentage.

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