VBI is the organization of choice for the latest information on trends, training, and regulations that pertain to veterans in business. In collaboration with like-minded veteran’s advocacy organizations and agencies, we offer a comprehensive suite of educational and training experiences.



  • Briefings and Updates:Held across the U.S. and via the world-wide-web, briefings and updates are designed to provide our corporate supporters, sponsors and  partners with relevant and current information regarding veterans in business. Once enrolled as a member, or sponsor, you will receive monthly, automatic updates that provide you with upcoming events, useful information and communications relative to various activities.
  • Education and Training:We provide a learning experience for veterans in business that will enable them to compete in the global supply chain at the levels they seek. This educational series is taught and facilitated by experienced professionals from business, industry, government and higher education. We employ trainers who were themselves veterans as frequently as is possible and practicable.
  • For New and Emerging Firms:
    • Basic training for new and developing firms. We teach the basic information and training techniques necessary to be an effective business owner.
    • This is a prerequisite where the participant will be introduced to the Small Business Administration (SBA) and how they can incorporate the SBA’s local and regional resources into their operations and for their ultimate benefit.
    • VBI has established a collaborative and supportive relationship with SBA in working with our members to ensure the strongest foundation is built for their continuing business operations. The SBA, funded by taxpayers, is the premier resource for small businesses and is the recognized government expert providing knowledge for starting and managing a new business.
  • For Established Firms with Less Than 5 Years in Business:Intended to give emerging business owners an insight into the specific world of business that incorporates their own core competencies, and understanding of their industry and their clients for a more in-depth and comprehensive perspective on business. The firm’s growth plan is reviewed, and enhanced and specific targeted customers are identified and discussed with industry experts.
  • For Firms with More than 5 Years in Business with Established Customers:
    • Provides capacity building training and workshops for those positioned to continue or desirous of continuing to compete and provide goods and services domestically and globally.
    • Positions the firm to take advantage of strategic alliances and teaming opportunities that can lead to larger and more profitable opportunities.
    • Industry experts teach these sessions and the development of the strategic plan is outlined and utilized as a training tool.
  • Certification:We address the need for corporations to certify that the veteran owned firm  is 51% owned and managed by one or more veterans or disabled veterans. We provide a comfort to corporations that their reporting metrics on veteran business utilization can be validated, and provide the process for veterans to become certified and verify ownership and control, using standard certification processes adopted by other advocacy organizations such as WBENC, NGLCC and NMSDC.
  • Veteran Supplier Sourcing:Through our extensive collaborative teaming relationships, we are able to quickly respond to a request for sourcing from our corporate supporters and others seeking to do business with veterans. It begins with the requesting entity using our “Matching” process to locate qualified veteran (SDVOSB) owned firms. We track and monitor the activities of the participants, and we issue a “Results” report periodically. This results report also contains information relevant in case there is no match and triggers the need to implement a more in depth search within that NAICS code. 

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